Throwback Thursday: Old McDonald Hand Puppets!

This is the second thing I learned to sew! They’re made out of felt, which is great to learn with. It’s thick and stiff, but you don’t have to hem it and you can get tons of colors for very low prices. Walmart has a good selection for $0.23/sheet ( sheets are 9×12) and Joann’s has an even larger selection for $0.49/sheet (though they often go on sale for 50% off.)

I got the pattern for these here.

It’s a free pattern and easy to follow. I recommend always tracing the patterns onto freezer paper (which is translucent, so you just place your picture under it and copy) and then ironing it onto your felt before cutting. It makes your cuts come out clean and precise.

Here are my little guys:


It took quite awhile to make each one, maybe an hour or two. They had to be hand sewn, and I think it would be more trouble than it’s worth to sew them on the machine since the pieces are so tiny. What I did was separate all the pieces into individual baggies and put the name of the animal on it. Then I’d add in the needed thread, needle, and sewing scissors to each bag, so that I could grab it whenever I had 5-10 minutes throughout the day. Being organized really helps you to find more time than you think you have!


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