Delving Into Beauty and The Beast Insanity

The new Beauty and the Beast movie is coming out in March (eep!) which also happens to be my daughter’s birthday. And amazingly, with absolutely not at all any subliminal messaging whatsover (*cough cough looks askance*) she decided she wants to have a Beauty and the Beast party! And what party is complete without a Belle dress?

So off I went to look through the patterns that I bought when they were all on sale for 3/$5 from Joann’s (I love sales.) I found one that was supposed to be for Belle, but then I found Simplicity 1028.

Even though it’s supposed to be the new Cinderella dress, it occurred to me that it actually looks like the original Belle dress. Big ballgown, drape over the shoulders, etc. I never really liked the ruching on Belle’s dress, so it doesn’t bother me to cut that part. As long as I get gold fabric, it should be fine, right?

Haha. We’ll see!

In the pattern it uses two different shades of tulle for the skirt, but I’m really not fond of tulle, so I decided to go for organza instead. But I did really like the iridescent effect that layering sheer fabrics has. So I finally settled on this for the skirt: Bottom layer is the yellow lining fabric, then the gold crepe-back satin used for the bodice, then a sheer iridescent lame (which looks really terrible unless there’s something on top of it to tone down the shine), then two layers of yellow tulle (about 6 1/4 yards), then gold glitter tulle (4 yards), then yellow organza (4 yards.) These yard measurements took into account that I was also going to use the same material for the drape. Here’s a picture of the fabrics:


From the top left: Ivory netting, gold/silver lame, glitter tulle

From the bottom left: Yellow costume satin lining, yellow tulle, gold crepe-back satin, yellow organza.

I admit, they look a little crazy here, but layered I think they look okay. I wish I could have gotten a better shade for the lining material, but I really didn’t want to spend more than I already did, and who cares about lining anyway? Altogether, with coupons, it cost about $60, give or take. Luckily, everyone knows me and got me Joann’s gift cards for Christmas, so I didn’t actually pay anything! 🙂

Going to get started. Wish me luck!


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