Belle’s Ballgown Pt. 2

Well, I got all the pieces cut. And let me tell you, there is  A LOT of cutting. There are more than 80 pieces in all. So if you’re working on the same dress, you’ll need to stay very organized. I labeled everything and kept all the pieces for the top in one place, skirt in another, etc.

But oh, it just looks so sweet. Here’s a picture of the bodice pieces before I iron on the interfacing: dsc01239

(Ignore the water stains on my ironing board!)

And yes, there are two sets of each piece. Most dresses have the outer shell and the lining. This has two sets of the outer shell and two pieces for the lining. So in the picture there are 28 pieces of fabric (this is before I attached the interfacing.) The lining has another 8 pieces. It’s insanity. But it’s so pretty! I love working with this fabric. It feels so expensive, nothing like the cheap costume satin you find in costumes at Halloween. This is more like bridal gown quality.


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