Belle Ballgown Pt. 4

After all the craziness up top, at least the skirt should be easy, right?


Honestly, it wasn’t that bad, I just got a little confused. So here’s how it goes. The very bottom layer is the lining, and the right side of it faces in, toward the body. The ruffles are attached to the wrong side, and that faces out.

BTW, those ruffles are a pain to sew. There’s SO MUCH FABRIC. Be really careful not to let it twist or you’ll have to take all the stitches out. I got help with holding it out to make sure it was all straight.

Anyway, then the right side of the satin is sewn to the wrong side of the lame. The lame is sort of sheer, so the satin fills it out. So then the wrong side of the satin is sewn to the wrong side of the lining. It makes sense when you think about how it all lays on your body, but it took some checking and double checking to make sure you have it straight!

Here it is: dsc01250

I know, I know, that metallic lame looks terrible and cheap. But under the tulle and organza, it takes on a more ethereal glow.

One last note, I checked it against my daughter to make sure I was hemming the right amount. When I first checked it, I figured it would sit at about her waist, and thought it was probably about three inches too long. But the I connected it to the bodice and checked again, and boy was I wrong! That bodice end pretty high, so this skirt rides up quite a bit higher than I thought it would. Glad I checked before I cut anything!


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