Belle Ballgown Pt. 5

Ugh. Tulle. So much tulle. I’m having nightmares where gigantic tulle bolts chase me and wrap me in their horrible, webby clutches while I scream and slowly suffocate.

Okay, not really. But really, the tulle on this thing is insane. Look at this: cropped-dsc01392.jpg

It barely fits under my sewing machine. Like I said, I used two layers of yellow tulle, one layer of gold glitter tulle, and one layer of organza. For those that are cutting, that means I cut 8 pieces of #10 in yellow tulle, 4 in glitter tulle, and 4 in organza. Then you sew the like fabrics together to make 4 layers.

I decided to use a new technique I’d heard of to gather. Instead of doing two rows of long basting stitches and pulling, I took on thread of a different color and ran a zigzag stitch over the top of it, then just pulled that thread. You can see it a little bit better here: dsc01401

This was taken just as I was coming back around to the beginning. If you look carefully, you can see the zigzag stitch going over a black thread. I’ve found I really prefer it. Basting just seems to put so much stress on the fabric. This is more like creating a casing for the black thread, and then you just pull it up.

But basically, no matter what you do, you’re going to be battling a massive pile of tulle and organza. Godspeed, my friend.


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