Belle Ballgown Pt. 7

I’ve now attached the bodice, and man, this this is heavy. Big and poufy and heavy and beautiful.

However, while I was able to get the bodice attached just fine, the armholes are just impossible. So, hand basting/sewing it is. dsc01410

The bodice and lining need to be basted together (shown here) and then you have to sew on bias tape to encase the raw edges. So when purchasing, make sure your bias tape matches your fabric as closely as you can. I don’t know how visible it will be, but it doesn’t really get covered up except for the drape. If I had plenty of time, I would probably make my own bias tape out of the fabric, because that would look infinitely more professional. But with things as they are, a light yellow tape will have to do, and I’ll just have to hope she doesn’t raise her arms too much!!

I sort of enjoy handsewing. Don’t get me wrong, I love my machine. But there’s something so soothing about pulling the thread through yourself. And my daughter loves to “help” by pulling it through for me.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel! The dress is coming together, bit by bit!


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