Belle Ballgown Pt. 6

It’s actually starting to look like a dress! Yahoo!!


This is just the lining pieces with the skirt, I haven’t attached the bodice yet. The skirt is sandwiched between the two lining pieces, which is why you needed two, and the drape is sandwiched between the two bodice pieces (not shown.) I tried it on my daughter, who LOVES it and immediately started twirling. It’s so beautifully puffy. And the layers of fabric did exactly what I wanted them to. You can see here that because I had to hem the organza, it’s a bit shorter than the tulle, so I’ll need to trim that, but luckily the length of the hemmed tulle is exactly what I needed for my daughter’s height. If you’re using all tulle, then you won’t have to worry about hemming at all (and trust me, the hemming was a huge pain.) But I’m just so madly in love with the look of organza that I couldn’t resist. 🙂


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