Throwback Thursday: My Parents’ 25th Anniversary Surprise Party

A few years ago, my sister and I threw a surprise party for my parents’ 25th anniversary. Well, it was a surprise for my dad, but my mom knew, because she hates surprises! But she only knew the time and place, not who we’d invited or decorations or anything.

Being a little low on funds (like usual) I decided to try to make some of the decorations myself. Because I’m crazy and stupid like that.

I had some left over crepe paper streamers from another party, so I decided to make a big “25” out of flowers made from them. I got the instructions from here.

And here is my result:


Not too bad. Then I cut out numbers from cardboard and hot glued it all together. The idea was here.

My results:img_1534

Not quite as good. I’m not good at random placements, lol. I do better with perfect symmetry.

Next, I tried to do my parents’ initials with quilling. I don’t know that I had inspiration from any one source, I just read and looked at a lot of things. It’s not true quilling…I didn’t buy the fancy paper or tools or anything. I used cardstock to outline the letters, then curled construction paper around a toothpick and just sort of arranged them inside. I was trying to sort of fade from their favorite colors in a diagonal direction…It only kind of worked. My result:


Final verdict: For free, I think these are pretty awesome results. Fairly tedious, though, so neither are something that I’d want to do again. On the other hand…now that I have a Cricut, I wouldn’t have to cut all of the quilling strips by hand, and that was the worst part. So…maybe??


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