Throwback Thursday: The 1st garments I ever sewed

So I just got my sewing machine a few months before this, and it makes total sense to add on to the stress of Christmas by making my kids’ Christmas Eve pajamas, right?!?

*sigh* When will I ever learn?

So off I went to Joann’s to buy the deeply discounted flannel. BTW, flannel and fleece go on major discounts every December. It’s definitely the best time to buy, especially for fleece. Fleece often goes as much as 75% off. So plan ahead and stock up for next year!

Anyway, I found an adorable robot material for my son and a purple bumblebee pattern for my daughter. Spoiler alert: my daughter still adores hers and wears it all the time, even though it’s falling to pieces. My son HATED his, and still does. To be fair, though, he hates all pajamas, and all clothes for that matter. :p

So that pattern I used for my son’s was McCall’s M6458. Keep in mind that this was the first time I ever sewed anything with interfacing, buttonholes, etc…


See how thrilled he is with his new pjs?? Yeah..

Anyway, even though I made the smallest size and it said that it was right for him, it came out huge. Not sure what I did wrong. The print is also a little too busy for someone that small, now that I’m looking back at it. It is cute, though!!!

For my daughter, I used Simplicity 1575. Much easier, but I had so much trouble with that collar. I’d never used bias tape before. I’m still no good at using bias tape, actually. Not sure why. Here are a couple more (blurry) shots:


Overall, it wasn’t too terrible for a first attempt. But I could definitely do much better if I tried again!


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