Throwback Thursday: Felt Christmas Tree

This one is fairly simple. I got the idea from Pinterest as a way to let my two toddlers decorate and redecorate a tree of their own. I bought a yard of 72″ dark green felt from Joann’s, and I still had a bunch left over. Everything else was made from felt scraps and maybe a few extra 9×12 sheets from Walmart (they were about $0.23 per sheet at the time…Joann’s carries more colors for $0.50 each, and they frequently go on sale as well.) For most of the ornaments, they are sewn together (some finer details, like eyes and noses, were drawn with a permanent marker.) I tried using a glue gun, but it made the ornament so heavy that it would fall off. For larger ornaments with only a few details to glue on, it might work better.

The “present” is two sheets of red 9×12″ felt, sewn on three sides and held together by Velcro at the top. This was for storing ornaments when not in use.

I tried attaching it to the wall both by using pushpins and masking tape. Both methods were okay, neither lasted too long. My children were especially talented at pulling it down no matter what I did.

Overall, it was a fairly easy and cheap project, and the kids did have a lot of fun with it. There’s a ton of flexibility, and you could do a lot if you have the time.


Sources I used:



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